Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOOKS went out today!

The Nooks went out for the first time today! I am so excited. Check out the pics on the Flickr feed at the bottom of the page. The Nooks currently have 34 books on them. They will be checked out for one week only so that as many students can get them as possible. We already have a huge list, but since we have 6 it shouldn't take too long. If you want to check out one, you will need to get a permission slip signed by one of your parents. We are the first school in the area to do anything like this. I am so proud of that. Thanks for all of the support!

As for what I'm reading, I just finished The Limit (4.4/9.0) by Kristen Landon. I am really into these futuristic novels right now. In it, families have spending limits set by the government. If they go over their limit, the government can take their oldest child and put them in a work house to help pay off the debt and get them back under the limit. Matt's family has never had to worry about money or their limit until one day at the grocery store the cashier tells them they are over. By the time they get home, a government worker is waiting to carry Matt away. He is carried to a facility and given an aptitude test to determine what he will be good at. Matt scores well and ends up on the top floor of the building, but right away he can tell that something is not right. I'm not going to give away the ending, but it is definitely worth the read. Fans of the Hunger Games and The Maze Runner series will really enjoy this book.
Currently reading: The Magic Thief: Found Actually it was just turned into the media center today, so I haven't started it yet, but I will let you know.