Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have been a blog slacker!

In all fairness to myself, I did write a review on Academy 7 (mentioned in the previous blog) and then I forgot to hit post before I shut my computer down for the day. The blog tab just kind of gets lost amid all the other tabs I have open. Oh well, let me recap the review for you: It was a good book. I actually think girls or boys would enjoy reading it because of the futuristic setting.

I didn't really read any young adult fiction over the break because I got a Nook for Christmas! I am so excited! I read the new John Grisham book and Pride and Prejudice, which I have always wanted to read. That being said, I don't have any new ya book reviews for you right now. I did get a big shipment of new fiction in today, so I have many to add to my "to read" list. I will hopefully get them processed and into circulation next week.

NOOK UPDATE: No word yet on when we will be getting the Nooks for the Media Center. They are still on backorder. I can't wait and neither can the students. They come in asking about them all the time!

The next book on my to-read list is Speak (4.5/7.0) by Laurie Halse Anderson. Mrs. Dogru and I got the OK to host the 8th grade girls lock-in in March, so we will be reading Speak and then watching the movie, discussing, and eating pizza at the lock-in.