Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Genre Sections

It has been crazy in here the past several weeks with books moving to new areas of the media center every day. Since my last post, we have pulled Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Humor, Horror, and Historical Fiction. The two sections that surprised me were Fantasy and Historical Fiction. I knew we had a lot of Fantasy books, but I had no idea we had this many.

They take up an entire aisle- both sides of it! At least we can spread some out and put some on display. Historical Fiction was a genre that I would have assumed would be pretty small. We put them on one side of a short aisle because I thought for sure they would fit in 3 sections of the bookcases. They fit, but barely.

They are jammed in so tight it is hard to get a book out and there is absolutely no room for displaying anything. We'll have to move them again once we get everything finalized. I still have one more section to pull: Realistic Fiction. The dot labels for that section are on back order, so I haven't even been able to get started on it yet.  In theory, everything that is left is realistic fiction; however, I know I have missed some when pulling and sometimes the student helpers will shelve books without realizing that the book needs to be relabeled and put in one of the genre sections. There are also many that I left because I didn't know where they would go and I figured I would have more time to determine the genre later. It may be a while before the remaining books are sorted out...