Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Speed Dating: Library Style

This week and next the kids are taking the CRCT, so by the afternoon, they are wiped out. They need something that is fun and doesn't take a lot of brain power. Enter Speed Dating. Well, not really...

If you have ever heard of a Book Tasting, it's basically the same thing. I thought that my middle schoolers would think going to a Book Tasting was cheesy, so I changed the name to Speed Dating. How it works is: kids get 2-3 minutes with a book to look it over and answer a few basic questions. When the timer goes off, they pass the book to the next person and get a new one. They spend 2-3 getting to know that book and so on until you run out of time. Since we are running a shortened class schedule this week, this activity was perfect for a thirty minute class. We had time for me to explain the process, to date about 8 books, and then for them to have time to checkout the ones they really wanted.
Here is what they used to record their results. Feel free to email me if you would like the the word document.